Royle Tree Company is a small, residential tree care company located in Sanbornville, NH that covers the eastern side of the Lakes Region to the White Mountains. We specialize in tree removal, pruning, and crane services.

Zero Impact Tree Removal

In 1994 Royle Tree Company Inc. started out with the intention of being a tree care company, but soon after it became evident that the Lakes Region needed a tree removal company. Royle Tree Company changed directions to become fully equipped to handle any tree removal problem. With the purchase of a 23 ton 146 ft crane, 75 ft bucket truck, log loader, 2 chip trucks, 2 chippers, and a stump grinder, to go in combination with a trained staff, Royle Tree Company has become able to perform its famous zero impact tree removal. In spite of the equipment, the Lakes Region provides a unique environment with limited access to problem trees. Royle Tree Company resolved this problem by hiring highly trained and experienced arborists (climbers at Royle Tree Company are required to attend annual programs to keep up to date on changes in our industry). Our arborists can remove those trees with specialty ropes and rigging gear. All gear is maintained and up to current industry standards.


***Note of caution when hiring a company for tree removal. There are companies located in the lakes region that will remove your trees for close to nothing or even for the wood. Many of these companies have no regard or respect for your property and will often leave the brush for you to clean up. Make sure the company you hire is fully insured and ask for references. By following standards put in place by OSHA, National Arborist Associations, state certification programs, and town regulations, the cost of properly performing a clients request has to be altered to accommodate these requirements. Standards are put in place to protect the client and their property from a misinterpretation of terms used in the tree care industry. At Royle Tree Company we hold ourselves to the highest professional standard and certify that your property will be treated with respect and that your tree care requirements will be fulfilled.